Thursday, July 26, 2012


*summer sale*...TONIGHT ONLY!!!!!

Come on out for....

>>>>15% off all summer stock (cotton/sun hats)<<<<

>>>>10% off all other hats<<<<

Little Lamb Carriers!!!

Introducing the newest item in stock!!

These Little Lamb baby carriers are a traditional Mei Tai style carrier, suitable for babies from infant to +3 years of age (35+ lbs!!)

The prototype was initially created out of necessity on my part, as I new with a third bean on the way (and only two hands) I would need help wrangling with my kids, AND even better than a mother's sanity, is the fact that close contact with a baby and its care-giver is proven to have so many benefits!!

So, I researched the different types of carriers and saw what people were wearing and talked to many friends about their preferences...

and this style carrier seemed to be the best fit for me! it was cost-effective (scraps from my material pile) and would be able to be used for a long period of time (+35 lbs!) AND it is SUPER easy to put on by yourself - with no fancy buckles or snaps or adjustable straps!!

Since then, I have worn my carrier out countless times and have had people comment on it, so I thought I'd give it a try selling them...I sourced out sturdy, durable, washable and FUNKY material and went at it!!

This carrier fits almost ANY shape and size without any form of adjusting!! It has wide, padded straps and is reversible to suit whatever mood you may be in!! AND if all those benefits where not enough, once your little bean get big enough and wants to observe something other than your loving gazes, this carrier can be worn on the SIDE and on your BACK like a back pack!!

Here are some pictures of carriers that have already been sold...and the word on the street is these are MORE comfortable (and way more cost-effective) than the previously mentioned carrier!!! *gasp!!*

And here is the only carrier left in stock!! Made from 100% linen and cotton colour panels!

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions and to place an order!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Night Market

So, we did it again! Enjoyed another great night at the Thursday Night Market...

I meant to post about our Little Lamb Carriers that are the newest addition in the Mairsy Doats list of creations...but here's a picture in the mean time!

A great picture too, might I add, because I finally had a means by which to properly display it!! Up until last week I had these suckers laid out on the table, but who can tell what it even IS when it's all folded up!?

Anyhow...thought I'd share these pics that I booth is getting pretty full...!! If you are local or visiting the Sunshine Coast, please stop by and say hello!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 ...eight months since my lasy update!!?? Seriously!?

Well then, let's change that!

Here are a few pics of projects I've been up to in the past months...

::a darling preemie set for a wee one less than 4 lbs!::

::a bunny set commissioned by an incredible photographer!::

and then with the warmer weather...thought I'd try put some cotton items!

::here's a lil mister hat::

::and lil miss sunshine hat::

(BOTH of these hats paid a visit to Hawaii with their owners!
 And reportedly, went over very well!!) 
::even Karys got into the crafting action::

::and serged herself a shoulder bag!!:: in between naps and schooling and cleaning and enjoying life...that's a snippet of what we've been up to at Mairsy Doats headquarters :)

Thanks for stopping in...

Friday, November 18, 2011


...that's tomorrow!!

The day has come! I have been gearing up for this day since the middle of October! My first Christmas Craft fair...EVER!!

here are just a few things that will be available at the Fair...or for custom order!

my lil bear in a bear hat

ear flap hat with flower


fluffy owl hats

shoulder bags

and, of course, my lil munchkins will be on hand 
to provide endless entertainment!!

Not even a thought in my imagination last year as I didn't even know HOW to crochet a year ago!! But...something I am super excited to be a part of now, and feeling blessed to have the ability to be in!!

Who knew that my stuff would take off like this?? Not me!!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Monday, October 24, 2011

decked out

here is my little family...all decked out in Mairsy Doats Creations!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Fair

I just did a craft fair this weekend...thank you those of you who came out and browsed my table, or even made a purchase!!!

It was great to get out there and spread some Mairsy Doats awareness:)

Work around these parts has increased a bit, as I got some custom orders from the Fair!

So...stay tuned to some pictures of the custom orders...completed!